Saturday, October 13, 2007

Didn't get through much of my list

Its the end of the week, and my sewing list is still pretty full, but I did get a couple more things done.

First, jeans for my boy. I'd been wanting to get these done for ages, but kept putting them off. Its Spring, so I was hoping to put them off until next Winter, but he completely wore out his favourite pants (cord camo pants that I made him two years' ago) so he really needed another pair. These are made from Black Hemp Denim, which was quite nice to sew, but my machines were driving me crazy today. The actual amount of sewing I did and time it took - I could have made at least two pairs or maybe three. I had trouble doing corners with the coverstitch machine, which I expected, but this was made much worse by the fact that the coverstitch machine sometimes just doesn't do the stitches properly. So I'd finally get a corner nice, and the machine wouldn't have made the whole stitch so there would be a big gap. I unpicked the pockets soooo many times.

Anyway, here's the pics. And the pattern is from Ottobre 1/06, number 27. There are still a few little chalk marks there that I forgot to wipe off!

Then, I realised I'd made two things for my son and nothing for my oldest daughter, so I quickly sewed up a t-shirt I'd had cut out for her for a while. Nothing exciting. Plain yellow, hemp/organic cotton jersey, dyed with fibre reactive dyes. She's decided her favourite colour is yellow, but I have always made her pink or red clothes, so she should like this t-shirt. The yellow colour is actually brighter then the picture is showing.
And finally, I finished a pair of knitted shorties for my bub. They're made from organic wool, hand dyed with food colouring, and are yet another in her collection of lovely nappy covers. Once again the colour hasn't shown up all that well, but they're a nice, variagated red and pink.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Twirly skirts

Outfit from three fabrics

I finally worked out what to do with three matching patterned fabrics that have been sitting on my fabric shelf for a while. This is a reversible dress. It has one fabric on the front, a different one on the back, and a different one inside. There are matching pants - that are made from the same fabric as the inside stuff. One of my daughter's long sleeve tees also matches (although its a bit bright really) so she can wear that underneath on cold days.

Some around the house clothes

Long sleeve stripey tee and grey tracky pants. Trackey pants are made from org cotton/hemp fleece, dyed with RIT dyes.

Pressies for the little boy next door

T-shirt and shorts for a birthday present. The shorts are made from old chenille quilts. The t-shirt isn't necessarily suppose to match the shorts!

Bat kids

Matching t-shirt for my boy and dress for my bub. These have a bat pic on them that I hand drew. Fabric is hemp/organic cotton jersey, dyed with low impact fibre reactive dyes. See the edge of my bub's longies too? They are sewn from a wool jumper that I bought from the op shop that had a stain on the front. Lovely stripey pants. They're both wearing long sleeve singlets underneath - my boy's is made from organic cotton, and my bub's is hemp/org cotton jersey.

Matching dresses for the girls

These dresses are made from hemp/organic cotton jersey, that was dyed with low impact fibre reactive dyes. They were first dyed in pink, then tied up and dyed again in a lovely caramel brown.

Sticking with the same colours

Originally uploaded by TomatoJam
This time, something for my older daughter. This track suit is made from hemp/organic cotton fleece, dyed using RIT dyes.

Another pink/red heart dress

Another pink/red heart dress
Originally uploaded by TomatoJam
This is my favourite red and pink heart dress for my bub. Its nice and long on her, and looks great with her red and pink longies, and the matching beanie (that I made before she was born). Its made from hemp/organic cotton jersey that's been dyed using RIT dyes.

Velour dress for bub

Velour dress for bub
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More red and pink. This dress is made from cotton rich velour. I'm not crazy about this shade of pink, so this dress is usually in the nappy bag for when her other pink and red heart dress gets dirty.

Frottee wrap jacket for bub

Frottee wrap jacket for bub
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Frottee is a cotton rich super soft fabric - a bit like soft terry on the outside and fleece on the inside. This is an ottobre pattern.

This jacket, of course, matches all the red and pink clothes!

Lots of red and pink

3 month old red/pink longies
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These longies are for my bub who is now 3 months old. They have been knitted from Treliske organic wool that has been dyed using food colouring.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More of bub's wardrobe

I've finally sorted pics of more of the clothes and bits and pieces that I made in preparation for my new bub - who arrived near the end of May.

I actually made these booties before my first bub was born - but no blog then, so posting the pics here now, as they're being added to my new bub's wardrobe. Most of the cardis were also originally made for my first bub.

I don't know what happened to the colour on this one!!! It seems to have gone a little "mottley" over the years, although it is commercially dyed wool.

These are super soft fleece nappy covers. The pink one is pics of front and back (with the heart in the middle).

And PUL covers.

Not sure what happened to the pics of patterned PUL covers, but perhaps I'll have to post those pics some other time.

And a couple of wool fabric covers.

These are the fitted nappies. First two are tie dye hemp ones I did a while back.

Next is a bamboo one (I made 4 of these) and a hemp one. These hemp ones were my main ones - made about 18 of them. After a couple of weeks of her wearing them, when she grew a tiny bit, I added snaps to make them quicker and easier to put on. Before that they were just used with nappy pins.

Made a couple of lovely feeling hemp/cotton jersey nighties. I love nighties over longies for baby at night - easy to change nappies but baby stays warm.

And just before I get onto the more interesting stuff, the most boring of the lot (more so even then the nappies!) - some singlets and wipes! I made some of the singlets from organic cotton jersey, and some from hemp. They're all a bit crushed, but I wasn't going to iron them just for the picture!!!

This is the doll I made her - from a kit and pattern I got from Joy's Waldorf Dolls. Kept it simple to start with!! The face is organic cotton jersey. Its stuffed with eco-friendly wool. The clothes are cotton rich velour.

For presents from my other kids for their new sister, I got them to draw a picture which I scanned into the computer and printed onto transfer paper. Then I made a little hemp top for each of the pics and appliqued it on. I ironed the transfer onto hemp muslin and appliqued that on, rather then just ironing it directly onto the shirt, as I've found the quality of iron on transfers to not be great if the fabric is at all rough. The children are very proud when they see their sister in the tops that they made. The first two are by my 5 yr old, and the last pic is by my 4 yr old.

And now, here is my beautiful bub modelling some of her outfits! I have previously posted pics of the longies I think, but not of the tops that I made to match! The pink and red heart top, and the pink and purple star top, are both from hemp/cotton jersey that I dyed.