Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catch up post: Christmas clothes

I made the girls two outfits for Christmas - one that was definitely Christmassy, and the other that was just red and white, so good for Christmas but still fine to wear other times too.

7 yr old daughter's skirt - just a simple peasant skirt style. I made her a red t-shirt (dyed hemp/cotton blend) to go with this too, but she isn't wearing that here.

Matching dress for the little girls (almost 20 months and 4 months at Christmas) - so two of these dresses the same.

Red outfit for my 7 yr old. Skirt is an A-line skirt with a zipper in the back. Top is a sort of a peasant top. I really like this style on her (and nicely, it's quick to make too) and plan on doing some more of this outfit in other fabrics.

Red and white dress for the 4 month old.

Red and white dress for the 20 month old. I love this style. She also has a cherry dress in this style, which I'll put up photos of some other time. I'm not sure how clear the picture is, but this is the back - it has elastic in the dotty bit.

And this is the front.

And finally, a shirt for my boy. The fabric is hemp muslin dyed red, and it has star buttons to make it look more Christmassy. It's an Ottobre pattern.

Catch up post number one

I have had a year or more with very few entries before I started back up at the beginning of this year, so every now and then I'm going to put in a catch up post that just has pictures of things that I've made over the past yr or so.

These ones are all from this summer, so not very long ago - probably from about October onwards.

This is for the baby - 5 month old. I love this dress on her. Fabric is by Sandi Henderson (Michael Miller), as is a lot of the fabric for the following clothes.

These pants are for the 21 month old.

They look gorgeous with this top.

I made two of these dresses - one for the 21 month old and one for the 5 month old.

These little tops, which I made two of, are to go under the above dress in cooler weather. The dress looks good with the top underneath.

And although it doesn't really show the effect, here is the dress with the top underneath.

I made this handbag for myself - just from some quilting fabric that I had leftover from something else ages ago. Still haven't gotten around to making myself a bag in really good fabric, but I like this one enough to use it almost all of the time.

This dress is for my 5 month old. It's made out of a cute Japanese fabric. The pattern is from Ottobre.

This is the back of the dress.

I have been sewing; just not writing about it

Here's a bit of catch-up for February. Perhaps I should just aim for a big post once a month??? I have been busy sewing, but there's been a lot else on - like school starting up for the year, our car being in the shop for repairs for all of February up until a couple of days ago, and my internet connection not working well most evenings.

Anyway, here's a bit of a catch up, but I haven't downloaded all the photos yet.

Here's a picture of the dress I made for my toddler. I already showed it to you lying flat, so here it is being worn. I really like how it turned out and will make more of these next summer.

This is the bikini that I made for my 7 yr old. I'd already done the pants which she has been wearing with a swimming top, but with her swimming carnival coming up, I thought she'd better have a proper top. These are Ottobre patterns.

This cute little blue wrap around dress/top is for my 5 month old. It is very cute, although next time I might make it a bit longer so that it's more of a dress rather then just a top. She does have cute little knitted pink shorties that she wears underneath it though, and the bottom of the shorts, which is sort of frilly, sticks out nicely. The cross-over is the back.

I made these blocks as part of my nephew's first birthday present. Been meaning to make some for my own children and haven't found time yet. I really should though, as at my nephew's party my own daughter (20 month old) was loving playing with them, and I do have the perfect fabric for a set for her.

I've also made shorts for both my son (5 yrs) and my daughter (7 yrs), a top for my 7 yr old and some leggings and a top for my toddler.
As just a fun project I've been making some peg dolls which I'm half way through. Have had a bit of a hold up with them as I need to make the holes for the doll heads a little bigger - the packet I bought seems to have a variety of sizes. So I have to get a file or something for that. Once they're all done I'll show you pics.
Next on the list is a pair of shorts for my toddler, and perhaps a matching top too, and maybe a matching dress for the baby. My little bub also needs some warmer clothes, so I plan on making her some leggings and a long sleeve top, and then probably the 7 yr old will want a set too.