Thursday, February 26, 2009

I have been sewing; just not writing about it

Here's a bit of catch-up for February. Perhaps I should just aim for a big post once a month??? I have been busy sewing, but there's been a lot else on - like school starting up for the year, our car being in the shop for repairs for all of February up until a couple of days ago, and my internet connection not working well most evenings.

Anyway, here's a bit of a catch up, but I haven't downloaded all the photos yet.

Here's a picture of the dress I made for my toddler. I already showed it to you lying flat, so here it is being worn. I really like how it turned out and will make more of these next summer.

This is the bikini that I made for my 7 yr old. I'd already done the pants which she has been wearing with a swimming top, but with her swimming carnival coming up, I thought she'd better have a proper top. These are Ottobre patterns.

This cute little blue wrap around dress/top is for my 5 month old. It is very cute, although next time I might make it a bit longer so that it's more of a dress rather then just a top. She does have cute little knitted pink shorties that she wears underneath it though, and the bottom of the shorts, which is sort of frilly, sticks out nicely. The cross-over is the back.

I made these blocks as part of my nephew's first birthday present. Been meaning to make some for my own children and haven't found time yet. I really should though, as at my nephew's party my own daughter (20 month old) was loving playing with them, and I do have the perfect fabric for a set for her.

I've also made shorts for both my son (5 yrs) and my daughter (7 yrs), a top for my 7 yr old and some leggings and a top for my toddler.
As just a fun project I've been making some peg dolls which I'm half way through. Have had a bit of a hold up with them as I need to make the holes for the doll heads a little bigger - the packet I bought seems to have a variety of sizes. So I have to get a file or something for that. Once they're all done I'll show you pics.
Next on the list is a pair of shorts for my toddler, and perhaps a matching top too, and maybe a matching dress for the baby. My little bub also needs some warmer clothes, so I plan on making her some leggings and a long sleeve top, and then probably the 7 yr old will want a set too.

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