Thursday, February 26, 2009

Catch up post: Christmas clothes

I made the girls two outfits for Christmas - one that was definitely Christmassy, and the other that was just red and white, so good for Christmas but still fine to wear other times too.

7 yr old daughter's skirt - just a simple peasant skirt style. I made her a red t-shirt (dyed hemp/cotton blend) to go with this too, but she isn't wearing that here.

Matching dress for the little girls (almost 20 months and 4 months at Christmas) - so two of these dresses the same.

Red outfit for my 7 yr old. Skirt is an A-line skirt with a zipper in the back. Top is a sort of a peasant top. I really like this style on her (and nicely, it's quick to make too) and plan on doing some more of this outfit in other fabrics.

Red and white dress for the 4 month old.

Red and white dress for the 20 month old. I love this style. She also has a cherry dress in this style, which I'll put up photos of some other time. I'm not sure how clear the picture is, but this is the back - it has elastic in the dotty bit.

And this is the front.

And finally, a shirt for my boy. The fabric is hemp muslin dyed red, and it has star buttons to make it look more Christmassy. It's an Ottobre pattern.

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  1. Cute stuff for the kids, I really like it! I used to love sewig for kids - probably should get back into it now I have grandkids!