Saturday, April 22, 2006

Easter Saturday Sewing

Easter Saturday I decided I'd make each of the kids a soft bunny, just using a very simple pattern. I have heaps of chenille (old bedspreads) so wanted to use that. This was to be a project involving them - minimal sewing and just quick, but they could chose the chenille, help with pins, help push through eyes, do the stuffing, etc. I have fond memories of stuffing a rag doll with my Grandmother when I was young (and the doll still sits on a shelf in my lounge room).

So after cutting one rabbit out, I decided that the cutting was pretty hard work, and my little boy didn't seem that interested anyway, so I asked him if he wanted a bunny or something else. After turning down his first suggestion - telling him I couldn't make a Buzz Lightyear (wonder how Buzz would look in chenille) he said he wanted a fish. Not sure where that idea came from, but at least it was simple!

So pictured here are the Easter Bunny and the Easter Fish.

Fabric painting again

We had another morning of fabric painting using the "sun effect". The kids did these. Fabric is hemp/cotton jersey, and they are so pleased with how it turned out (as am I) so I'm trying to work out the best way to use it. Planning on probably a long sleeve t-shirt each, but I'll have to cut carefully to get the best bits, and it seems a shame to have leftovers.

Each of the kids did one strip of fabric about 120 wide and 50cm long. There are two pics shown from each strip.

Boys' Jeans

I'm very pleased with these jeans for my almost 3 yr old boy. They are in a dark kharki (sp?) stretch denim, but have a comfy elastic waist - great for a little boy because he can get them on and off for the toilet himself.

The pattern is from Ottobre 3/05, pattern 15.

Two layer dress

This dress pattern is from Ottobre, I think 3/05. There is a dress, with a skirt underneath. Both dress and skirt have gathered layers - like a peasant skirt. For both of them I've used a fine cord. The buttons on the dress (front and cuffs) are white hearts. It isn't clear from the photo, but in the fabric there are red/pink flowers with green leaves between them. The green of the skirt is the same colour, so picks up that from the dress.

The dress is very loose, and looks very comfortable.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Beaded top and matching pants

Okay, there'll be heaps of pics of this. This is one of my favourite ever outfits. Inspired by a picture of someone else's creation posted on the Ottobre Yahoo list, I have made a top with contrast sleeves and frill. The pattern is from the 1/06 Ottobre. It looks so great. As we're coming into winter I've also made a plain red long sleeve tee that could go underneath for colder days. To match this, I made red drill jeans with contrast leg bottoms using fabric from the top - also using the idea of someone else's creation on Ottobre Yahoo. So I am very grateful to the fantastic, creative person who made the original garments in bright fabrics with contrasting patterns.

I am planning on making two more tops using this pattern - one in pink broderie anglaise (sp?) and one in pink gingham, so both a lot lighter, and some pale blue denim jeans to go with them. I'll also do a white long sleeve tee for underneath. Just have to find some more time ...

Red and Pink Girl's Outfit - modelled

Quick pic of that outfit from my last entry being worn. It looks great and comfortable. My daughter is always the brightest dressed child around!

Thursday, April 6, 2006

Red and Pink Girl's Outfit

I finally finished these pants! I know why most clothes I make for the kids don't have too many "decorations" - they take longer to make. Having said that, although my topstitching could have been a lot neater, I'm please with how these have turned out. Now I just have to convince my daughter to wear them. She chose the clothes from a pic in a mag, but she wanted different colours that I couldn't get.

Both items are from Ottobre mag, 1/2006. The pants are made from drill and the long sleeve t is made from jersey. The pants are shown front and back. The front has more red - the red panels.

Knitted jumpers

These jumpers were from a while ago. I'm posting pics here now because I got them out to photograph when taking pics of the pink and red pants and top in the next post - was hoping the pink, red, yellow and white jumper would match. Now, I don't think so. Decided to post the pics here anyway.

So the pink, red, yellow and white jacket is a really soft yarn and is the girl one, and the blues and red jumper is the boy one, of course.