Saturday, April 22, 2006

Easter Saturday Sewing

Easter Saturday I decided I'd make each of the kids a soft bunny, just using a very simple pattern. I have heaps of chenille (old bedspreads) so wanted to use that. This was to be a project involving them - minimal sewing and just quick, but they could chose the chenille, help with pins, help push through eyes, do the stuffing, etc. I have fond memories of stuffing a rag doll with my Grandmother when I was young (and the doll still sits on a shelf in my lounge room).

So after cutting one rabbit out, I decided that the cutting was pretty hard work, and my little boy didn't seem that interested anyway, so I asked him if he wanted a bunny or something else. After turning down his first suggestion - telling him I couldn't make a Buzz Lightyear (wonder how Buzz would look in chenille) he said he wanted a fish. Not sure where that idea came from, but at least it was simple!

So pictured here are the Easter Bunny and the Easter Fish.

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