Monday, February 8, 2016

What might vegan or vegetarian families eat for dinner?

Our warm weather meal plan - this often has changes, and is lacking in detail a bit, but it gives an idea of what we eat.

I try to use meal sequences to save work, so for example, week 1 has lentil sloppy joes which are cooked in the slow cooker.  Some lentils are saved for serving with Saturday's roast veg (like a gravy) - that meal will just be a big plate of roast veggies with savoury lentils spooned on where its wanted.  Some of the roast veg (usually orange veg) are frozen for dinner on Tuesday, and the rest are used for bubble n squeak as an easy Sunday night dinner.  Monday of week two is salad plate - which really just means anything cold, and I'll make something like coleslaw as part of it.  Then Tuesday is bean burgers, which use the veg from the freezer from Saturday, mixed with some beans (like butter beans, but any sort really) and breadcrumbs made from stale bread.  These burgers are fried and served with rolls or Turkish bread along with the leftover salad from Monday night.

Gado gado would really be best before salad plate or a barbeque, as I use part of a cabbage (and the other part is good for coleslaw), I cook cubed potatoes (and make extra for potato salad), and we have cold boiled eggs (I can do extras for stuffed eggs to have with salad).  By the way, we are almost vegan, with the exceptions being that we do sometimes have eggs, but I don't tend to "waste" them by using them where they wont be noticed, so if we do have eggs it will be for something like egg on toast and not as an ingredient for cakes or pancakes.  The kids also add cheese to things, but I don't generally cook with cheese - they can just add it if they want.