Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Finally tried some screen printing

This is the first print that I did. I drew the dolls that the print is based on. The fabric is a hemp/cotton muslin that I dyed using fibre reactive dyes.

I cut out the patterns pieces for the garments before printing so that I would print the right amount in the right places - decided it was better then just printing the full length of fabric that I dyed. This also meant I could curve it a bit for my skirt, which is cut with a bit of a curve. So this picture shows it all laid out on the table to dry.

I sewed up my skirt first. Will add pics of the other garments sewn up later. Those pictures are still on the camera.

This was the second screen print I did. The picture is a freehand drawing based on one in Lotta Prints, by Lotta Jansdotter. Fabric again is hemp/cotton muslin, dyed using fibre reactive dyes (Procion).
Out of it I made a dress for my bub. Here is the front ...

a close up of the print ...

and the buttons on the back. I got to adding the buttons really late at night, and realised I'd forgotten to buy matching buttons. Looked through my button collection and found these! I don't think I could have found a better match if I'd searched them all at the fabric store.

I also made pants for my toddler.

I sewed these up in time for them to wear to Easter gatherings, but didn't have time to sew up the matching tops that I'd imagined. Fortunately, my bub had a yellow top, so that worked well, but not the toddler. So again, late at night (most of my sewing happens late at night) I found a plain hemp t-shirt (undyed) already made that she had and printed it with the birds print in purple. I did it in a rush and using different inks to the other ones (a bit thinner), so the print isn't quite as clear as the print on the pants, but it was ready for wearing with the pants the next day.

Here's a pic of my two little girls wearing tops that I put pics up of in an earlier post. Just didn't have a modelled picture then.

And finally, to finish up, some food.
A delicious strawberry and rhubarb pie.

And more bread. This is the same sort as is in the last few bread pics. I've been making this as our main bread now for quite a few weeks. Just wanted to show off this loaf because look ... it looks quite normal from this side.

But out the other side ... a blow out!

Still tasted super-delicious, especially hot.

Monday, April 6, 2009

One of my favourite dresses

Just here quickly to post a pic of one of my favourite dresses for my bub. I've posted a pic of it here before, but it wasn't modelled so you can't really tell how nice it is. Hopefully I'll be back later with an update of all the crafty stuff I've been up to lately - not as much as usual, but a few different projects.