Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More Christmas Sewing

Also made a couple of nighties/dresses - the girls wear them as either (good for the beach) with the hemp/cotton blend and same tie dye. Here is a pic of one of the tie dye dresses. The other dress - with the heart - is hand painted but same fabric and style. Heart that is off centre is on the front.

While we were painting the fabric, the kids did some of their own to be sewn into t-shirts. My 3 yr old boy did a blu-ish fabric, on which he chose to put dragonflies, and my 5 yr old girl did a flower design for the front of her tee, with some butterflies, etc. I also did a heart design for a t-shirt for my daughter.

Finally, I painted some blue/yellow/green fabric, then painted a shark which I appliqued onto it, and made that into a t-shirt for my boy. That one was definitely a winner.

These final two tees are the ones that the kids painted.

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