Thursday, March 5, 2009

Matching ... I know it's corny ...

But they love it! My older daughter, who I made the gingham top and black shorts for, asked for a matching set for the toddler.

And here are some much more simple clothespin doll people. These ones are better for the little kids to play with - to pop into my handbag or the pram for keeping them occupied when we're out.

I painted the solid parts of ten clothespins, thinking that it would be a quick job and then I could add the detail the next day. It took AAAAGES. I've only added detail and varnished these four. Hopefully I'll find some time to do ther others soon. I have big plans for them - as parts of a couple of other projects.

Tonight I'm dying fabric while doing a bit of washing sorting. I'm at the stage where I just have to keep resetting the washing machine and waiting - unfortunately, as always seems to happen, it has ended up still with a while to go and it's getting very late.

There's be beeps. Better go reset again. I have big plans for this fabric!


  1. Fiona

    I love the gingham tops they are gorgeous. Youre very clever.

    Some of your patterns are lovely and you write that they are an Ottbre pattern is it from a magazine and if so do you subscribe or buy from a shop? Im in melbourne and Id love to make some clothes for my little niece for her 2nd birthday in April.


  2. Hi Helen

    Ottobre is a European mag - you need to order it online. You could google it because I think it is available at an online store in Aus, and it definitely is from online stores OS, but I subscribe directly from Ottobre - You can just order individual back issues if you want to just get a couple to try them out.