Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quick post with winter jacket pics

I sewed these a while ago but didn't get around to posting pics then. You can see that my son's jacket needs a wash! It's wool, and he loves it so it gets worn a lot. They both say that they look like they're going to work when they're wearing them. My daughter's jacket could be straightened and pulled about a bit to get it to sit better - she just threw it on and tied it up, but you get the idea. Both patterns are from ottobre.
Sewed a lot lately, but baby crying now, so will be back to do a big update soon. Mostly just basics though - not super-exciting stuff. Have some more fun stuff on my to do list though.


  1. Thanks for sharing photos of the gorgeous jackets. It's difficult to see the detail of your son's wool jacket, did you use the same ottobre pattern (and which one please)?

  2. Nice! I've been wanting to do some coats for the kids, maybe seeing yours will inspire me! Cold weather isn't far away here.