Friday, October 9, 2009

Starting on some warm weather sewing

Time to start sewing for Spring and Summer properly. My toddler urgently needed some warm weather clothes, so I did a couple of quick things to get started.

This dress is Simplicity 5222, but without the elastic at the waist. The method for putting the elastic in the neckline wasn't what I would usually do, but I followed the instructions and was unhappy with the result - too big, and a nuisance to adjust because the elastic is put into each part (front, back and each sleeve) separately, so I had to adjust it in four places to get it smaller. I did it though, as it was pretty bad as it was. This photo is the original - doesn't look as bad here as it did in real life.

And this is adjusted, but here you are only getting the back view - sorry, no clear pic of the difference! What I'm hoping you can see here though is the elastic added to the back. She's reaching up so it's a bit hard to see the shape. The whole thing was too wide, and it was particularly bad at the back, so I added elastic and now the dress is really quite cute, and a bit different. The elastic at the back is a really nice feature.

Fabric is from Heather Ross's Mendocino line. I absolutely love it and wish I had bought miles and miles of it. I'd really like a beach quilt/rug out of it now.

This is another dress that may look the same, but actually has lots of alterations to the pattern to make it a better shape and fit. Fabric this time is Sandy Henderson's.
I've made quite a few hats and this is my favourite so far. I love it and will probably not make any other pattern up for a while, but will make this one over and over. It is from Nicole Mallilieu (hope I spelt that correctly, I'm in a rush). I would definitely recommend the pattern. I've followed quite a few hat patterns, and there were really great tips in her pattern that I've never read before. I love this hat. Not sure who designed the fabric.

Here it is with a matching top. I want a hat to match each of the girls' outfits!!! This top is just a made up pattern peasant top. I love how easy these tops are to sew, how great the look and how comfy they seem to be.

A bit more felting. This was from a kit I purchased from A Toy Garden. Excellent kit, although I did do it a tiny bit differently. I've hung this spring fairy above our spring nature display.

Also made these felted wool balls. I'm extra pleased with them for a few reasons:
*I love how they look
*it used up some wool that I really was hating using for shaping doll heads, so now I can buy the wool I really want for the next doll head
*they were super easy to make
*the main part was done in the washing machine (hot wash) and dryer so I'm not worried at all about them getting dirty, as they can just be washed and dried again by machine
I did the main ball part in the washing machine so it is solidly felted. Then I needle felted on the design. This was quite slow and difficult as the balls were so firmly felted. Then I put the balls back into stockings and back through a wash and dry again to try and get the design more firmly attached. I have three more plain balls to decorate so I'll play with how I get the design onto them.

This is a peasant top for my oldest daughter. Just a super quick sew because she is short of summer clothes.

And here are her new jeans. I should have made them at the beginning of winter as she's been desparately in need of them for ages. Love how they turned out. Ottobre 1/04 #33. The fabric is hemp denim (non-stretch)

When she put them on the first time to wear out, we realised she had no jumper to match, so with 15 minutes before we had to leave I made a quick poncho out of some polar fleece that I have had for ages. I added the hood after we got back home. I think she'll be getting more ponchos to match more outfits (as will the little girls too) as this was such a huge success. She has worn it almost every day since. Quick, easy, convenient (over a jumper if needed, or just over a tee).
I just made up the pattern. Maybe I'll write up a tutorial some time. Let me know if you're interested.
Photo shows it over her new jeans and top.

Made a tee for my son. For almost all tees now I use the Ottobre special pattern pack. It's such a good t-shirt pattern.

Also made myself a tee - cutting up an old baggy style one completely and cutting a new one out of it, but forgot to take a pic so I'll be back with that pic when I get around to posting next.


  1. The felted balls are beautiful!! I love your blog. :) --Jennifer

  2. Felt balls inspirational, will be having a go with those.
    Also love your poncho - any chance you'll email/post the pattern/tutorial, know what you mean about making different ones for little girls outfits, think they'd be awesome for autumn too...
    How do you find the time for so much sewing - am well impressed!

  3. I'll try and post a poncho tutorial in the next couple of weeks.

    Thanks for the kind comments.