Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Candles

We're a bit behind this year - December seemed to suddenly be here. Finally got the Christmas candles out today and they are now in position in the middle of the table. 

We've used the same set for a few years as you can tell, but we'll start with a different purple one this year. A new candle is lit each Sunday, and we will talk about its significance then (just a two minute talk).  We light any candles for the week whenever we are home for dinner that week. Tomorrow is the second Sunday already, so we'll light one tonight and two tomorrow. Usually we light the candles before dinner and keep them lit until dinner is over.

Sunday 1:  purple candle one
Symbolising hope
Isaiah 60:2-3

Sunday 2: purple candle two along with previous candle
Symbolising peace
Mark 1:4

Sunday 3:  pink candle along with previous candles
Symbolising joy
Isaiah 35:10

Sunday 4:  final purple candle along with others
Symbolising love
Isaiah 9:6-7

Christmas Eve: all four candles and the white one in the middle
Symbolising the light of Christ
Luke 1:68-79, 2:1-20

ALSO, today is St Nicholas Day, so I thought that at bedtime tonight I'd read the story of St Nicholas, then in the morning we'd try to do secret acts of kindness - we'll chose names from a "hat" for the person to be secretly kind to, and at lunch the kids can guess who their kind person was. I wonder if I'll be able to convince the kids that this is a good idea.  There are lots of stories of St Nicholas online.

(If I'd planned ahead we would have read the story this morning and done the acts of kindness today.)

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