Friday, May 18, 2007

My son's clothes

And here is my catch up of a few clothes I've made for my boy. A while ago I posted pics of shorts that I made him - not being modelled. To start, I have a pic of them being worn. This is the same pattern I've used for a few of his shorts and also for my daughter's butterfly shorts (in the last post). Its Burda 9840.

This t-shirt is one I painted for him and sewed. Its a crocodile (just incase you can't tell!!).

I love these long shorts, but my son isn't quite as keen on them. They're an ottobre pattern, made from women's suiting fabric (very trendy at the moment for older boys I think). They did turn out very big for him though, which is I think part of the reason he doesn't like them. Should fit him next summer nicely though!

And finally, new, winter cord pants. Yet another Ottobre pattern. He's wearing them with a belt from the dress up box - we had to buy him a new "big boy's belt" later that day. I chose this pattern because I thought it would have a trimmer, more straight-legged fit then his other jeans, but they turned out a bit big. I'm sure the undies peeking out from the top of the pants is the in thing now though isn't it? This is a great pattern, and I'll definitely make it up again - perhaps in denim? Although the contrasting direction of the cord looks great.
I also made the blue and white stripey tee - not sure if I've posted pics of that yet. He loves stripey tops, so I have to make lots of them. Also used the same fabric for a short sleeve top. Both get worn a lot.

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