Friday, May 18, 2007

Bub's new wardrobe

With a baby due any day now, I've been busy sewing and knitting for her. I wont comment on all of the pics.

There are lots of longies that I plan on using as nappy covers and pants over winter. Apart from the ones pictured, I've also made a couple of cream pairs. All are in organic merino wool and have been dyed with food colouring. There is red and pink variagated wool (with matching beanie), pink and purple variagated wool (with matching beanie and also matching shorties), and two red and pink dip dyed ones - you can probably tell which was my initial "experimental" dip dying pair! I've kept to mostly similar colours to make them more versatile - ie if one pair needs changing, at least the rest of the outfit will still match without also needing to be changed.

Most of the shorties I made earlier, so you may have seen pics of these at another time. They are mostly soft cleckheaton wool. There is one pair that hasn't photographed very well - variagated red, yellow, orange and black wool. They were just made to use up the wool - food colouring dyed treliske organic. The other one that is in the dyed organic wool is the pink/purple variagated, which is photographed with the matching longies and beanie.

Finally, I've made lots of hemp tops and dresses. I've only shown the dyed ones and one plain top here, but I did make other tops which I'll eventually get around to dying when I have other things to do the same colour. The hemp/cotton interlock has a great feel and I've sewn them all with organic cotton thread, so the dye has taken really well. Hope these will fit her while the longies fit, as they'll look good together. The tops all look a bit big at the moment though.

Apart from all of these things, I've also sewn 3 or 4 nighties (with more cut out to do), about 18 fitted nappies in hemp/cotton blend, 3 fitted nappies in bamboo/cotton blend, 3 woollen fabric covers, 5 PUL covers (not sure about the sizing of these - have done them all differently), and 15 or so muslin liners. I already have about 12 cotton prefolds, 3 muslin flats, many flannelette flats, about 10 or so terry flats, a couple of bought PUL covers, and a heap of knitted cardigans/beanies that I made for my first daughter. And of course, I have heaps and heaps of other clothes like rompers, etc. Still worrying about whether I have enough though. I'll post pics of all of the sewn/knitted stuff some other time!

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