Friday, July 27, 2007

Preparing for Baby

My baby was due end of May, so I was preparing for a winter baby. My plan was to use entirely cloth nappies and to focus on natural fabrics, using organic where possible. So I figured the easiest way to clothe her for winter was knitted longies, as they are both pants that will keep her legs beautifully warm, and nappy cover.

Longies are knitted pants. They should be made from 100% wool, and after washing they should be lanolised. Here is some info about lanolising longies. I'll add info about lanolising woollen nappy covers later, as well as a pattern for longies.

Although lots of people like to use prefolds (see or traditional terry flats for newborns, I really wanted the easy to use fitted nappies, so I wanted to design a fitted nappy that I could sew lots of quickly, that would be easy to use, and that would fit a good range of sizes. That's what I did. I sewed up lots of those.

I've also sewn 3 or 4 nighties (with more cut out to do), about 6 to 8 hemp/cotton interlock tops and a few fleece nappy covers as back up. I already have a couple of PUL nappy covers (purchased) and a pile of cotton prefolds and other flat nappies - muslin, terry and flannelette. Here is a count of what I have in terms of nappies:

*about 18 fitted nappies in hemp/cotton blend
*3 fitted nappies in bamboo/cotton blend
*3 woollen fabric covers
*5 PUL covers (not sure about the sizing of these - have done them all differently)
*15 or so muslin liners
*about 12 cotton prefolds (purchased)
*3 muslin flats (purchased)
*many flannelette flats (purchased)
*about 10 or so terry flats (purchased)
*a couple of bought PUL covers (purchased)

I have a heap of knitted cardigans/beanies that I made for my first daughter. And of course, I have heaps and heaps of other clothes like rompers, etc.

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