Friday, July 27, 2007

About week three - additions to the nappying

At about week three I got sick of using the nappy pins, especially during the night. Bub had also grown a bit, so I wasn't folding down the nappy tail any more. This meant I could add snaps to the nappies without worrying that I'd have to add them to a different position down the track. I added 8 snaps across the front at one inch intervals, and two snaps to each wing, 2 inches apart. On one of the wings I put an extra snap in the middle so that the wings could be crossed over.

I also sewed some two layer boosters using scraps of hemp/cotton fleece and terry. These boosters were added into the nappies to increase absorbency.

The knitted longies are not covering her feet as well as they had been already!!!

The nighties have been great.

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