Friday, July 27, 2007

Weeks four to five

The knitted longies have been great, but she's leaked a couple of times onto them, and its been raining non-stop, so they take ages to dry when I wash and relanolise them. I quickly sewed up some fleece longies. These were just simple polar fleece pants with an extra layer of microfleece in the nappy area.

The fleece longies are soooo simple to use and to wash; its tempting to just use them all the time. They are certainly handy when there is a lot of rain. If I didn't feel so strongly that natural fibres are better against baby's skin I'd probably use these a lot more. Fleece longies do still "breath", so it isn't like using a plastic nappy cover, but they don't breath as well as wool longies. They can just go into the washing machine and dryer though.

I've also been having to put nappies into the dryer a lot. This is fine for the nappies, but they are getting a bit stained, especially the liners. I'm looking forward to some sunny days to get the stains out.

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