Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Finally finished the vest!

I started this vest for my boy months ago! The wool is Treliske organic wool which I've dyed using food colouring. It is so beautifully soft. The photos show the vest over a long sleeve top that doesn't really match, but it was what he was wearing when I finished the knitting.
Mind you, when he was asking me how long until it would be finished, he kept on thinking it was going to be a swimming vest - you know, one of those ones that helps keep you afloat? He has one of those, and its the only thing he's ever really known that's been called a vest. I kept telling him it would be wool and to keep him warm, and showed him pics of vests, but he kept forgetting and thought I was knitting him a swimming vest.

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  1. what a gorgeous colour!!!!!!! thanks for stopping by my blog...that gorgeous cardigan is from jo sharp knit the latest issue which is in newsagents or knitting stores! its actualy supposed to be worn garter stitch side out but i've switched it around!!!!