Friday, July 27, 2007

What I used - first couple of weeks

The hemp fitteds were great - used them. She was put into a disposable by the nurse as her first nappy, but hasn't had one on since. Using them in hospital was fine - I just put dirty nappies into a plastic bag and sent them home for washing with her dad.

I used the woollen longies every time - haven't used the PUL ones at all.

I had planned on using a snappi with the hemp fitteds, but didn't like that and was also told by one of the nurses that they don't recommend them any more because they have been known to come off and then hurt bub, so I went back to nappy pins, which I've used in the past. They were made a lot easier to get through the nappy by just running them through my hair first - amazing what a big difference that makes!!

The nappies fitted beautifully. We just folded down a little bit of the "tail" so they weren't too big.

The longies were quite long, but great that way as I could just have them covering her feet to keep them warm. All the tops that I'd made were also too long in the sleeves, so I just folded the sleeves up and they were fine.
One really helpful thing that I remembered from my last baby was to use some baby bottom balm with each nappy change so that poo is easier to clean off. I really love the Nature's Child Bottom Balm, as its really smooth and lovely to use, and also the ingredients are natural and organic. I just smear a bit of this over her with each change, and nothing sticks - no "scrubbing" to get her bottom clean!

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