Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Another wool dye day

I "had" to dye some more wool today because I was adding info about wool dying to my main website and needed pictures. Was going to tidy the house, but as this had to be done, the house tidying got put off! I did the blue/green/yellow one. After starting I wished I'd diluted the colours more, as their a bit dark and black looking, but I did the two balls still, and they match enough (will have to swap balls every few rows for blending as they are different enough that the ball change will be obvious otherwise).

The knitted bit in the other pic is to show how lovely the other wool from a few days ago is looking as it is knitted up. Its turning into a nice spiral, which should look good for a beanie. I'll have to think more about what to do for a matching jumper - solid colours with the main body red and the yellow in trim, or variagated like the hat. Hmmm. I'm also going to make matching red velour pants for my little girl. Hope winter doesn't come too quickly.

I made my first ever friendship bracelets today - just for my kids. Did some easy quick crochet ones. Haven't taken pics yet but will put pics up here sometime.

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