Sunday, February 5, 2006

Organic wool dyed with food colouring

This is organic wool from Treliske. I dyed it with the help of my daughter using food colouring (craft grade, in big bottles), and it has worked beautifully.

The first two balls we did using purple, yellow, orange and red. We used the colours very strong and the purple turned out more black than purple, except for where it mixes with the yellow. After two balls of my daughter saying that she didn't like the black, we decided to leave it out and add another couple of balls to the line up of wool to be dyed. So we have three lots of yellow, orange, red wool. I call it fire.

Next time I would probably dilute the colours a little. Although I like the brightness, it used an awful lot of the dye, and the orange really looks more red.

I've just started knitting the three colour ones up into a beanie as a tester before starting on a jumper. It is looking beautiful as the wool seems to be spiralling up the beanie. I'll post pics here when its finished.

This was great fun and definitely something I'll do again. I'm looking forward to trying something with blue, green and yellow colours, or maybe a light purple/blue combo.

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