Sunday, February 12, 2006

Friendship Bracelets

I've been playing with making some friendship bracelets in the last week. My daughter now has a lot more jewellery! For a brief run down - the pink fattish one with yellow beads is elastic thread (done on a knitting nancy), the colourful one with sections of knotting, plaits and 3 beads is embroidery thread.

There are a few here that are elastic thread with beads - silver with red beads, red with red beads and red with green/red beads. And below, there is a stripy knotted one, and a group of three including a knotted one with flower beads. The flower beads one is also down the bottom.

I'm pretty pleased with them all. They're great for kids because the beads aren't just threaded on, so wont all come off if the bracelet breaks. The elastic ones just slip on and off, and I've worked out a way to make the knotted ones (that you traditionally tie on) easier to get on and off. It has surprised me how many variations are possible!

Now I just have to find a source of elastic thread!

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