Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sewing Pants

The beanie is the one I started ages ago - been meaning to put a pick of the finished product up here for a while. It is made with organic wool that has been dyed using food colouring. The hat has turned out beautifully (and nicely, too big for either of the kids!).

Its been a while since I've done much sewing, although I have been knitting. I've just been too busy with other work. Well, today I had to do some for pressies. I just made a quick pair of pants for my niece and long shorts for my nephew - both turn 5 tomorrow. The first pair of pants were obviously going to be too big so I made a second pair.

These red with pink velour pants are the too big ones - too big for my daughter too, but they are very soft and comfortable, so she wore them.

Hmmm ... Photos keep uploading into the wrong place! The photos up the top - of the heart pants (which are a fine cord, with suedecloth pink insert bits in the legs), and the olive cord long shorts - will be the pressies. They are all very simple, quick styles. I just didn't have time for anything complicated. But they do look nice.

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