Sunday, March 26, 2006

More pants - chenille, cord and lizard

I love these chenille pants. They are made from an old pink bedspread that was a bit faded in the middle, so the pants fade towards the top. On the front is a heart, appliqued from a very faded part of the same bedspread, and on the back - on her bottom, is a heart, appliqued from the faded part of the bedspread with a yellow centre from a yellow chenille quilt. They look great!

The other pants are some simple shorts made from lizard drill fabric, and my first ever item sown from Ottobre mag - I just subscribed. These are pants from Issue 3, 2005, but without knee patches - they are camo print pin cord.


  1. Very grrovy!! I have a couple of bed spreads waiting for a new dye and some inspiration- might have just gotten that now ;)

  2. hi fiona, i saw ryan d's camo cord pants you made him - they're gorgeous! he looks great in them :)