Sunday, March 26, 2006

My first try at spinning wool!

I loved this. I had a little turn at spinning wool - with lots and lots of help. Didn't have long, and had the kids hanging around, which made it a bit more difficult, but I'm looking forward to having another go. As soon as we get a bigger house - at the moment I hardly have room to stand in the lounge room, let alone fit in a spinning wheel.

So I did (started off by an experienced spinner) the darker brown - quite uneven, but it was better than I expected. The cream had already been spun - leftover from a previous project, but I put the two together (whatever that is called). I so much want another try. The way this one turned out gives me hope that although it probably wouldn't be very even, I would be able to use my first batch of homespun wool! I'm sure it would make a nice jumper (or beanie!).

This picture is taken with the wool on a pale pink sheet! I know that was a silly background to choose, but I was rushing.

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  1. beautiful wool Fiona :)if you ever want to share you know where I am (of course I'm sure you have your own wonderful plans for it :))