Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year and a Fresh Start

Its been a while since I have written anything here, but I thought that after a long break, I'd try to post more regularly again. Not sure how it will really go, but its my aim at the moment.

To start the year I'm setting myself a challenge. I want to complete something handmade each day. I don't really think it will be possible to do it every single day - I have 4 kids, including a 19 month old and a 3 month old, so nothing can be planned that well. But I'd like to average one thing a day - if I miss a day I can make up for it; if I know I'll be busy coming up, I can make extra things earlier. And importantly, I want to use mostly materials that I already own.

Why am I setting myself this challenge? I already feel that I make plenty of stuff - I sew all of the kids' clothes and some of mine as well as dabbling in other crafts.

Mainly because I waste too much time at the computer finding new things that I want to do. I love new ideas and seeing what others are doing, but over the last year I've gradually spent more and more time working on ideas, and less time getting things actually completed. I figure that by aiming to complete something each day, and then posting a pic in my blog, I'll be forced to do the making part first and head to the computer after its finished.

And by using materials I already own, I'll be making things that I've planned on making already, rather then getting carried away with more and more new ideas. By the way, I have said, "mostly materials that I already own" because I want to allow myself to buy things like zippers, buttons, etc to match fabric I own.

So, I have modelling clay, shrinky dink plastic, print gocco supplies, beads, embroidery threads, tons of fabric, and I'm sure a lot more. If I really run out of time some days, perhaps all I'll be able to do is fold an origami swan or a good luck star.

I'll be back later to post pics of what I made yesterday, and what I'm about to make today.

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