Sunday, January 4, 2009

Origami frogs

Today was a very busy day. The morning was spent tidying the house and fussing with a toddler who wouldn't have her sleep - so no chance of much in the way of crafting then! But look at my beautiful, clear dining table!

(I know that most people always have a clear dining table, but my table is one of my really bad areas - I do leave stuff on it a lot. And leading up to Christmas, the kids were making cards and lots of other stuff was going on, and it got really bad.)

My older two kids had been away for a few days and just got home tonight, so that made the evening busy. I let them stay up and watch a DVD, and I watched some of it with them. While they were watching they were doing some origami, so that is my craft for the day. I made an origami frog for my boy.

And this final picture shows the frog I made with the frog my daughter made beside it.

That's it for crafting for me today.

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