Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The final wraps - Thank goodness

Here are the final wraps - again, two the same. I promise, no more wraps tomorrow.

And for completeness, I'm adding pics of the only wrap that I haven't already shown here. I made quite a few of them before Christmas, and have made more of them in the same fabrics for all except one, so you've seen pics of all the fabric combinations except for this one.

And these are the cards that I put into some that we gave away. The pictures were drawn by my two older children - the dragonfly and the butterfly by my 5 year old boy, and the dinosaur by my oldest daughter when she was only just 6. I think that 5 to 6 is the best time to collect cute pictures from kids - things my oldest daughter (now still only 7) draws now are excellent, but don't have that same simpleness to them.

Anyway, these are the first things I've printed using my print gocco set, and it was so easy and fun. I'll have to try things in colours next! We did do a Christmas card that my daughter drew in colours, but I'd love to have more of a try of it.

Being school holidays, the older two kids (5&1/2 and 7) did some craft again today. They made tissue paper flowers and some little "zoomy crazy bugs". The bugs came in a kit. The picture of the flowers showing lots of different ones were all made by my daughter, who kept going with making flowers after I had to stop, so she played around with it a bit, and wanted to make a vase full for her bedroom. That left only the two daffodils (perhaps more like jonquils) that my son and I made for the dining table.

And by the way, those "crazy bugs" actually do go and are quite fun. They are styro shapes that the kids covered in paint and shiny cut outs, etc and then stuck wheels into.

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