Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting sick of wraps yet?

Didn't make anything yesterday. My toddler was fussing - perhaps a little bit unwell, and then at night the older kids took ages to go to sleep, so I just couldn't get anything done.

Would like to have something different to show you today, but I just have more wraps. I did two in a completely different colour scheme to the others - black, white and a light brown. I actually really like them. And incase you're wondering when I'm ever going to sew something else, I'll tell you. I have two more wraps cut out which I hope to do tomorrow just to get them finished, and after that I'm onto sewing undies for the kids, then shorts and tees. I don't usually do the same thing for so many days in a row.

Because its school holidays, and because I have kids to keep busy, I have a pic of another craft. Wouldn't normally bother posting pics of this sort of thing, but I did commit to getting crafts done, and also, it might give others ideas for things to do with their kids. This morning we painted paper fans. The fans were bought but plain white (from a craft shop) so I just put them out with paints, and the kids loved it. I didn't try and do anything particularly special with mine (just to do it quickly as I knew a baby would need me shortly).

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