Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I may not have written, but I've been sewing

After getting into a good habit of regular posting, I've taken a few days' off. School holidays and people coming and going here has meant I just haven't had much time. I have still been trying to get stuff done. It's just been a little slower then I would have liked.

I've been working on nappies. My toddler needs a new set (she has fitteds with woolen covers for night time, and they still fit fine, but when we go out I like all-in-ones or similar, and this is what she needed). In the last post I had made one nappy to try out and it was great, so I had to make a lot more.

So ... I took a day or two cutting them all out. That was probably around the 16th and 17th. (I had a day of housework before that too.) Then there were lots of snaps to apply before sewing could begin. That was on the 18th.

On the 19th I finished 4 nappies - 2 purple ones that have beautiful soft minky PUL for the outer, and 2 pink ones that are a crushed velvet PUL.

On the 20th I finished sewing the rest of them, but then had lots and lots of snaps to apply. I did some of them yesterday (the 20th), and today I finished the rest of them - seven nappies completed. All of them are minky outer with a hidden layer of PUL.

Here's a close-up of just one of the nappies.

I know that nappies are a fairly quick thing to make, but things have been so busy here that I haven't had big periods of time to sit down and just sew. I've had to snatch moments of time here and there. The result is that it has taken days just to get these done.
Combined with the one trial nappy that I made earlier, and two that I've bought, that gives 14 nappies. Fourteen nappies should be plenty.
My arms are aching from all of those snaps.
In the past week I've applied 308 snaps, or if I count the trial nappy also (on the 14th) that's 336 snaps.
Tonight I also made a singlet top for myself - another quick project.

Before Christmas I made myself an A-line skirt, which I love, and a t-shirt to match. The t-shirt is quite nice - little cap sleeves and a gather-y bit at the bust (like the singlet), but the fabric has already started to look a bit scruffy, after less then a month of wearing it. It was also a little loose to start with, so now its looking a bit daggy all round. I also prefer singlet tops on these hot days. Finally I got around to making myself one.
I'll wear it once or twice, and if I like it I can make myself a few more in similar styles.
Here is a pic of the skirt that it is to match. I made this before Christmas. I didn't take a pic then and just took this one now, without ironing the skirt. When I get around to it, I'll replace the picture below with a better one.

Next on my list - another pair of undies for my son and one for my oldest daughter, t-shirts for the kids, and most urgent, I have to think of a present for a nephew for this weekend. We already gave him a pencil roll for Christmas, so it can't be that. Most birthdays I make him some shorts. Hmmm ... will have to think about it.

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