Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crazy Days

Things have been busy here the last two days. I ended up taking my youngest to the hospital emergency department last night with wheezing. We got home at about 1am. She's fine, although still not 100%. A good excuse for not making anything yesterday.

The day before, she was a little bit wheezy but not as bad, so I didn't want to leave her alone after she went to sleep - so couldn't use the sewing machine. I did sew a yo yo flower in bed beside her though. Forgot to take a picture so I'll have to show you that tomorrow.

And for tonight ... ANOTHER WRAP! Just kidding. Finally did some undies for my daughter. They are the Jalie panties pattern.

I have made two other pairs of knickers for her, using a different pattern - from Ottobre, 4/04, but those knickers aren't available for photographing at the moment so I'll have to show you them later.

So - checklist of things for follow-up posts -

  • flower yo yos
  • knickers made earlier

I was going to make undies for my boy tonight too, and have started them, but I'm really tired after last night and I think I should just get some sleep.

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