Saturday, January 3, 2009

More wraps

Today I made four "wraps". I hesitated to post pictures of them here because they're for gifts, and I don't want anyone I give one to, to think that I'm just giving them something that I haven't given any thought to (like I just grabbed it from a stash of gifts waiting to go to anyone or something). But you know, I find that with homemade things, even if I make them for lots of different people, that is impossible.

Usually, if I make the same thing for a few different people, its because I've found something I really like and I want others to have them too. That's certainly the case with these wraps. I've made three for myself (one for my diary, one for cards and one for drawing stuff/activities for taking to cafes and the like to occupy the kids), and my oldest daughter has asked for one for herself. I also plan on making a variation of them for each of the kids to take on holidays - with all sorts of things to occupy them either in the car of if its raining while we're away. So I don't just give these away because they're easy to make, but because I genuinely like them!

The other thing about giving away these wraps to people, is that I spend time trying to decide on fabric that would suit each person and also on what to put into them. I do often make a couple of each fabric (sometimes just because I don't want to part with them, so I make an extra for myself - I'm sure I'll find more uses for them!), but that's only when I've found a fabric combination that I really like.

So anyway, here goes. These are the wraps that I made today, and I actually have a few more planned before I stop with these for a while.

I made two in each fabric combination, so I've pictured one of each closed, and one open to show the inside fabric.

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