Friday, January 2, 2009

What I made the first two days of the year

Today is the perfect example of why I may have problems getting something made every day. When I finished the last post earlier tonight, I was all set to sew quite a few things - they were all lined up and ready to go. Then my bub woke up and needed a change, a feed and a cuddle. So I didn't have as much time as I expected.

Still got something done though! This is what I made tonight.

Its a "wrap" for either a diary, notebook and a few pens, or for cards, notebook, stamps and pens to make sending thank you cards, etc easier, or for notebook, activity books and pens to take when you need to keep the kids occupied (eg in a cafe).

Here is a view of the inside:

And here is one I made earlier, filled with just a few cards and things.

Yesterday (1 January) I made a hat for my toddler. Its the first time I've used this pattern and I'll make a few changes before I use it again, including using softer interfacing - the top part looks so stiff.

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